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“Ram Gopal Verma Or ‘Wrong’ Gopal Verma?” - Professor M.S.Rao

“It is better to be different than being indifferent to others.” – Professor M.S.Rao, Founder, MSR Leadership Consultants India

You must be surprised with the title of this blog post. But when I write about a sensational and controversial person like Ram Gopal Verma the title is well-punched. Ram Gopal Verma is the ace Indian film director who shot to national fame with films like ‘Rangeela’ and ‘Sarkar’. He is often criticized as the ‘Wrong’ Gopal Verma.

Ram Gopal Verma is popularly called ‘Ramu’ within the film industry circles. He is an amazing director born for film-making. He has passion for films and his first love and last love is only film-making. When asked in an interview, “What would you do when you are left alone in an island?” Ramu replied coolly, “I would make films in my mind.” It unveils his passion for films and film-making.

He is misunderstood by many as an eccentric man as he often comes out with typical responses with the media and others which a common person cannot understand and interpret. In fact, he is not eccentric but he wants to be different and likes to create hype with hope. It is his strategy to reply in that way and kick up controversies to market his films. For marketing his films, he alone is enough to market. He is a very effective director who directed ‘Sarkar’ within a short span. Producers love to work with him as he does not trouble by stretching the days in directing the movie and incurring expenses unlike other directors who are demanding. Therefore, Ramu is a fine human being personally and don’t brand him as an eccentric director. However, you may call him a passionate director who experiments different things and gives out his best to his audiences.

He wrote in one of the articles recently, “Amitabh Bachhan was never flop in his films. If Amitabh was flop it was because of directors or other technicians in the film but not because of his performance.” That shows Ramu’s regards to Amitabh and other actors like Chiranjeevi. When asked in an interview, “Why did not you direct Chiranjeevi as a hero?” he replied politely, “Chiranjeevi was the rising megastar and I did not want to play with his career by directing him.” These public statements depict his true heart and decency. One thing people must learn about Ramu is that his intentions are clear and good although his actions appear to be bad. At times people in public life don’t express their intentions openly for fear of losing their popularity and good will. But Ramu has courage to reveal his true intentions without having any fear of losing his public fame. Hence, hereafter don’t misunderstand whenever Ramu makes statements as they are meant for publicity only. Ramu is different but not indifferent to others!

Ramu in Telugu language means ( Ramudu Manchi Baludu ), Ramu in Hindi language means ( Ram Accha Balak Hai ) and Ramu in English language means (Ram is a Good Boy ). I would like to conclude that Ramu is the Ram Gopal Verma for his fans and the ‘Wrong’ Gopal Verma for his critics.

Professor M.S.Rao

Founder, MSR Leadership Consultants, India


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