Friday, April 27, 2012

“Arthur Carmazzi – The Truth about Becoming a Change Leader” - Professor M.S.Rao

These days education has is different that it was just a few years ago, people are being educated on the mobile with video and learning is small bite-sized learning sessions. Many trainers, teachers and consultants have not yet caught up with the trend. And in a world of change, especially those who teach leadership and change, it seems that many, well, have not changed.

But one shining star is not only is up with the trends, but changing organizations around the world, including India. He is Leadership Guru Arthur Carmazzi and his YouTube channel Arthur Carmazzi TV provides some of the best Leadership and Organisational Change videos I have ever seen.

Arthur Carmazzi is the founder if the Directive Communication Organisational Development psychology is a personal mentor and has the attitude of gratitude, although he has achieved so much in his life, he remembers where he came from and still maintains his humble attitude. He shares his ideas on Change Leadership freely and is always willing to help others grow. All this in an entertaining and passionate way.

So what is the truth about becoming a change leader? If we follow Arthur Carmazzi’s example,
-          We should act on what we teach
-          We should keep up with the relevant trends
-          We should be outstanding, do more than is expected
-          We make others successful in the process of achieving our objective
-          have fun
There is much wisdom in these videos and I do hope you visit the channel Arthur Carmazzi TV

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