Saturday, February 25, 2012

“Is Leadership a Hope or Hype?” - Professor M.S.Rao

“A leader is a dealer in hope.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

When a participant asked in one of my leadership training programs why too much of hype is being created on leadership globally I thanked the participant and responded as follows:

If you search in Google with terms, ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’ you get around half a billion hits. It indicates the kind of interest these terms are creating globally. People are very much fascinated about ‘leadership’ and ‘leaders’ and are eager to know what makes people excel as great leaders. It appears like a lot of hype. But the truth is that the terms deserve great attention as it provides hope for the mankind especially for the depressed and dejected.

The world is facing unprecedented crisis due to the changes in technology. The changes are too rapid and people find it tough to cope up with the same. The present global corporate world is ridden with several scandals and corruption. The politics are ridden with foul play without any ethics. At times, people breakup their relations for silly reasons. To prevent people from getting cynic and pessimist we need leaders who can take responsibility, walk their talk and lift the morale of the people through their vision, direction, influence and example. Hence, leadership is certainly a hope, not hype as it provides a ray of hope for the people who grope in darkness, who don’t know what to do, and who hit lows in their lives. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. rightly remarked, “We must accept finite disappointment, But never lose infinite hope.”

Professor M.S.Rao

Founder, MSR Leadership Consultants, India



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