Tuesday, January 31, 2012

“Local vs. Global Business Schools” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Education is the mother of leadership.” - Wendell L. Willkie

The difference between the top business schools and local business schools is that the local business schools explain various basic concepts, theories, the pros and cons and the application of the topic vis-à-vis the corporate world. In contrast, the global business schools assume that the students are aware of these fundamentals and come out with case studies and encourage case study discussion in the classroom. The advantage with top business schools is that they get the best talent across the world where students bring in their knowledge, experiences and network. When students from such profile sit in the classroom and discuss the case studies you can imagine the kind of value they add to classroom learning. When best brains discuss it is a great value addition for the students as there is more of collaboration of knowledge among the students. At the same time the facilitators or the faculty members are highly experienced with excellent academic profile, and with industry, research, consultancy and training experience. They are highly focused on specialized areas and, therefore, they add immense value to case study discussion. During the case study discussion, the facilitators listen to all kinds of views, ideas and arguments and, finally, they unfurl their ideas and conclude the case study discussion. In addition, all faculty from top business schools teach less and research more in their specialized areas and that make them stand out from the faculty of local business schools. Here a question may arise among many people why such faculty and students are not available in local business schools. The answer is very simple – everything comes at a price. The global business schools collect huge fee from students and maintain highest quality standards. Their academic ambience is unique and amazing. They pay handsome salaries to faculty and provide faculty with more opportunities for career growth by encouraging research and consultancy. And the same is missing in local business schools due to lack of funds. However, there are always exceptions as there is a possibility of highly talented faculty members and students in local business schools as well thus adding value in their own way.

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